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Journey to Enlightenment: Realms of Power Pt. 1

The following is a summary of The Science of Enlightenment Session #13, by Shinzen Young.  We are currently reviewing this series as a group on the Individuals Anonymous Facebook group, and you are encouraged to join if you have not done so already.  You may also purchase The Science of Enlightenment audiobook on Amazon, here.  One metaphor for spirituality is that it is a kind of path. A journey to enlightenment. The realms of power refer to the what tends to happen as people pass through these layers along the way. The benchmarks on that path, the way that...

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Love vs Attachment: This One Understanding Can Change Your Life

The following is a slightly revised version of a recent post I made on Reddit, which received quite the response.  View the original post, which was made in the context of offering dating advice, here.  In order for a person to be capable of experiencing real love for a non-family member, they have to get to a secure place in their understanding of who/what they are on a very basic level. They also have to clearly understand the difference between love and attachment. Without knowing the difference, an attachment is the default situation. What’s the difference between love and...

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