Question (paraphrased):  Lately I have been thinking a lot about my own death.  I want to be able to embrace it.  I want to be at peace with it.  Would anybody who does not have a fear of death please help me understand?  Please help me come out of this so I am able to embrace life (and death) fully.


If you can get yourself to an ayahuasca ceremony, you will definitely find peace with the birth/death process, most likely you will come to the place where you understand them to be literally equal. Sometimes plant medicine has the ability to help us with some of the deepest human issues.

Understand that ‘we’ don’t actually exist. Our bodies exist but the thing that goes by a name that has a personality is a figment of your brains imagination. It does not exist outside of the brain.

We are the whole thing, formless in form, temporarily having an experience every single thing in the universe. Human eyes can only see 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum. We literally have no idea what is actually going on – we can only perceive a very small amount of it.

There appears to be a fear of death because right now you believe there is a ‘you’ inside of that body. In reality, everything is this 1 universal process and THAT is the only/real you. Consciousness is aware. Your brain created a sense of ‘I’ in order to protect that body. That identity, the attachments, the beliefs holding us back, all of that only exists in the mind. It’s all illusion, but this particular illusion is so destructive to the thing that appears to be an individual, and also to the divine unfolding of the whole, that this is more beneficial to understand as a flat-out LIE.

Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Worry/Fear of Death

Every person/animals/every piece of everything ACTUALLY is the 1 formless process, in its entirety, having a temporary experience, in form, as a human/animal/sea monkey/rock etc… Imagine a very peculiar formlessness, which is capable of taking form, having 900,000,000,000,000,000,00,000,000,000,000,000+ hands to play puppet with. We are the hands of that very peculiar formless, not the puppet suits or the characters that it temporarily takes on.

Furthermore, life appears to be serious because challenges appear to exist. In reality, there is no pressure. This a misinterpretation/misunderstanding is simply keeping you from experiencing the abundance of your true nature.

That said, consider this – we don’t even understand how to make the cell organisms of our own body duplicate, our heartbeat, metabolism work or anything, actually. It’s not the conscious mind in charge of anything. We create an identity, which is a lie. Through this lie, we are capable of making our experience very difficult. In fact, ‘self’ is the entire picture. The you that goes by a name is a fiction of the brain that you happen to be using temporarily.